PALFRIDGE (T/A The Fridge Factory)

Palfridge is one of the leading refrigeration manufacturers in Southern Africa, with an emphasis on qualitative rather than quantitative qualities.This approach is not limited to the quality of our products, services, plant & equipment, or even the level of skills & experience in our Human resources, but filters further into our supply chain with the established relationships we have with our approved dealers and major accounts.The group consists of Palfridge Limited (t/a The Fridge Factory), which is the manufacturing division based in Eswatini, followed by The Fridge Factory Warehouse. The latter is based in Gauteng, South Africa and provides the sales, warehousing, and distribution function, with branches in the KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape regions – which gives us a National sales and distribution platform.

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Global Leap

Our off-grid (solar) refrigerators won the 2016-17 Global Leap innovation competition .

Montreal Protocol Awards

We are prime actors in meeting sustainable development for the benefit of Eswatini’s population.


At Palfridge we believe in working hard and playing hard too. Watch how we took on the dance challenge that took over 2020.