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Palfridge Limited is the leading refrigeration manufacturer in Southern Africa, not in volume, but in design, quality and new innovations. Since we started operations in 2001 it has been our aim to provide a high quality, full featured, reliable and value for money product. We might be a new company in comparison to other manufacturers, but we have some of the most skilled and experienced people in the industry on our team. We were the first manufacturer to install SABS safety locks on our fridges. We continuously strive to exceed our customer’s requirements and re-engineer our products to keep up with industry norms.



Our manufacturing facility is 18,000m2 on a 44,000m2 plot, and is located in Matsapha, the largest and most central industrial area in Eswatini and provides easy access to some of our outsourced functions like injection moulded components, wire harnesses, plastic extrusion, metal pressings, gaskets and packing material as well as other locally sourced raw materials. We are within easy to supply the south African market and other SADC as well as COMESA countries. Exports further afield are loaded into containers at the factory and shipped through Durban harbour. 




We believe that since our inception we have succeeded in placing the customer first. By manufacturing for many major brands in Southern Africa, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing and quality excellence.




We are committed to continue providing product and service excellence under the brands we manufacture. Having a broad client base and agent network throughout South Africa and other African countries ensures that we can provide unrivaled coverage of sales and customer service.



Our company is committed to developing and producing high quality products through efficient production, thereby achieving competitive advantage and providing an optimal return and security to its customers, employees and other stakeholders.





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At Palfridge we believe in leading by example while protecting the interests of all our shareholders.


Our factory was the first one in the southern hemisphere to convert its production lines to Hydro carbon refrigerants (R600a and R290).


We manage diversity to promote and capitalise on cultural and individual differences to create competitive advantage through new perspectives and local market sensitivity.


We are committed to continue providing product and service excellence under the brands we manufacture.


Research and development is carried out entirely in-house using our own engineers, designers and test facilities, to meet customer specifications and requirements.


Our average failure rate across our range is less than 2% (on chest freezers less than 1%) which is way below the industry standard.

Our Team

    Meet some of our friendly staff that keep our company running.

Peter McCullough

Chief Executive Officer

Ryden Allmark

Operations Director

Delilah Reid

Administration Manager

Eric Mthetwa

Factory Manager


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Important FAQ’s

What do I do when my refrigerator is too warm?

-Check for air flow restrictions round the sides, back and top of the refrigerator. – Also check the door gaskets for damage and always make sure that the door is properly closed. – Check if the light goes off when you close the fridge. – Check if the unit is not close to heat source or direct sunlight or if the unit is not in a poorly ventilated area. – Adjust the temperature control knob setting to the right cold setting. – Be sure the load line is not covered. – Check no foreign objects are inhibiting the fan blade from turning.

My domestic refrigerator light is not working, what should I do?

Switch unit off at socket and check that the bulb is screwed in tightly, if yes maybe the bulb has blown and needs to be replaced.

My commercial fridge or freezer is not cold enough

Have you cleaned your condenser every three months, in dusty areas or with pets around this should be done more often? Either with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with small nozzle.

Why is the food in my compartment drawer freezing?

The fridge temperature might have been adjusted to a very cold temperature. Adjust the fridge temperature to a warmer setting and monitorc

Why do the front and sides of the refrigerator feel warm?

Heating tubes are located beneath the surface to prevent condensation on a cold surface. There might be humidity in the air; this is quite normal in humid weather. When the humidity is less, condensation will disappear.