Palfridge Limited is the leading refrigeration manufacturer in Southern Africa, not in volume, but in design, quality and new innovations. Since we started operations in 2001 it has been our aim to provide a high quality, full featured, reliable and value for money product. We might be a new company in comparison to other manufacturers, but we have some of the most skilled and experienced people in the industry on our team. We were the first manufacturer to install SABS safety locks on our fridges. We continuously strive to exceed our customer’s requirements and re-engineer our products to keep up with industry norms.


We believe that since our inception we have succeeded in placing the customer first. By manufacturing for many major brands in Southern Africa, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing and quality excellence.


The main proportion of our domestic refrigerator / freezer production is manufactured under the Kelvinator and Coolmaster Labels. Other well-known brand names manufactured by the company are Aim, Bauer, Carrier, Coldpoint, Fuchsware, Leonard, Sancon and Univa. Our Commercial range is manufacturered under the Coolmaster and Liquitech Brands.


Our manufacturing facility is 15,000m2 on a 44,000m2 plot, and is located in Matsapha, the largest and most central industrial area in Swaziland and provides easy access to some of our outsourced functions like injection moulded components, wire harnesses, heater elements and packing material as well as other locally produced raw materials. In a 9 hour shift, our factory currently manufactures a combination of 150 commercial and 350 domestic units with its present layout and equipment, which could be changed to accommodate additional volume if required. The factory is highly self-sufficient, manufacturing most of its own components. Our Polyurethane insulation foam is delivered by road tanker and stored in 30 tonne bulk tanks. We have 2 separate foaming machines, and blowing agent is injected at the foaming machine, allowing flexibility to use different blowing agents 141B or upgrading to Pentane. Our installation allows for CFC free and environmentally friendly production. Cabinets are inert with Nitrogen before foaming. We run 14 production lines of different models simultaneously. Units are vacuumed to 0.08 Torr for 20 minutes before refrigerant is injected. With our test line and final quality engineering, each unit is thoroughly tested and checked on the test line before being packaged. We use high quality proven compressors with a wide voltage range to cater for developing countries. Tropicalised units are also produced for high ambient applications.


The factory houses its own component division which manufactures condensing units, wire shelves and baskets, evaporator units and coils and heat exchangers. We run a number of vacuum formers that are used to manufacture fridge and freezer door liners, plastic tanks and accessories for our commercial range. Material used in the vacuum formers is ABS and Styrene in various different colours. We have 4 Amada CNC machines that we use to punch our steel panels. This result’s in flexibility, unlike press tooling that is fixed. For our panels we use PCM, Galvanised and Stainless.


Combination refrigerators ranging from 70 to 800 litres, top or bottom freezer, with 2, 3 or 4 doors.
Chest type freezers ranging from 120 to 520 litres, with dual control thermostats.
Upright freezers ranging from 110 to 330 litres.


Glass door chillers with sliding doors ranging from 200 to 900 litres.
Glass door chillers or Freezers with hinged doors ranging from 320 to 900 litres.
Glass top freezers ranging from 100 to 1000 litres.
High back chillers ranging from 1000 to 2500 mm wide.
Refrigerated display cases ranging from 900 to 2400mm wide.
Mini impulse freezers - 70 litres.
Mini impulse fridges - 80 litres.
Under counter bar fridges ranging from 140 to 660 litres.
Back bar fridges ranging from 900mm to 2400mm wide.
Self service units ranging from 600mm to 2400mm wide.


Research and development is carried out entirely in-house using our own engineers, designers and test facilities, to meet customer specifications and requirements. Component choice is based on utilising reliable proven components suitable for the specific markets. We design in accordance with SABS IEC 60335 standards, using the latest international trends and technology. We are in the process of implementing the SABS ISO2000 manufacturing standards system.


Our products are packaged using polystyrene and shrink wrapped with plastic. Commercial units are further crated using treated timber. The units are transported by road freight from the factory. We are a COMESA certified manufacturer, and export to other COMESA countries on a regular basis via road freight. Export orders are packed directly into containers at the factory and dispatched by rail through our inland port to the rest of Africa or to Durban harbour for overseas export.


We are committed to continue providing product and service excellence under the brands we manufacture. Having a broad client base and agent network throughout South Africa and other African countries ensures that we can provide unrivalled coverage of sales and customer service.


Our company is committed to developing and producing high quality products through efficient production, thereby achieving competitive advantage and providing an optimal return and security to its customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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