The best place to work in the manufacturing industry.(3)

Social Responsibility


It is not what we make, its whats made possible by what we make. Palfridge strives to make an impact beyond the communities where we do business, whether through charitable donations, volunteer efforts, or business initiatives. Helping improve quality of life for the people of Eswatini in a sustainable way is part of our cultural DNA. We believe in lending a helping hand in the communities where we operate and strive to be a responsible citizen who lead by example

Economic Development


We believe in giving the people what they want without compromising their quality of life. Whether its our customers or employees; today we produce the cheapest products in the industry. At the fridge factory we manage to provide jobs for 381 people, paying them relatively more than the gazetted minimum wage



We were the first ones in the Southern Hemisphere to convert to hydro carbon refrigerants R600a and R290. This meant lower charges of refrigerant gas also reduce the impact to the environment and carbon footprint. Working alongside Eswatini Environment Authority, we received an Examplery Award from UNDP as prime actors of sustainable development in Eswatini.

ISO 9001 2015