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In a 9-hour shift, our factory currently manufactures a combination of 150 commercial and 350 domestic units with its present layout and equipment, which can be changed to accommodate additional volume if required. The factory is highly self-sufficient, manufacturing most of its own components.


Our Polyurethane insulation foam is delivered by road tanker and stored in 30 tonne bulk tanks. We have 3 separate foaming machines, and Cyclopentane blowing agent is injected at the foaming machine.  The Cyclo-Pentane blown foam has 0 Global Warming Potential.

Our production facility is CFC free and environmentally friendly. Cabinets are inert with Nitrogen before foaming. We run 14 production lines of different models simultaneously. Units are vacuumed to 0.08 Torr for 20 minutes before refrigerant is injected. With our test line and final quality engineering, each unit is thoroughly tested and checked on the test line before being packaged. We use high quality proven compressors with a wide voltage range to cater for developing countries. Tropicalised units are also produced for high ambient applications.


The factory and products comply with TUV Rhienland specified standards and the factory is ISO9001.2008 certified. All of our units are tested in our TUV Rhienland Specification test room under strictly controlled conditions.  The conditions can be specifically set to echo and amplify the most extreme African conditions.


Research and development are carried out entirely in-house using dedicated engineers, designers and test facilities in accordance with the latest international trends, technology, and standards.



R290 Butane and R600 Isobutane gases are by far more efficient cooling agents than 134a and as a result ensures an additional electrical saving, over those already mentioned above, of 15-20% over comparable locally manufactured refrigerators, as well as having 0 Global Warming Potential.


All factory waste and effluent are disposed of under the supervision and control of the Swaziland Environmental Authority, and regular inspections ensure that we comply with the stringent National Rules. We have recently undergone an Environmental Impact Assessment Study.  The results of which are obtainable from the Swaziland Environmental Authority.