Through the warehouse facilities in the various centers, we offer regular comprehensive R600 and R290 training of field personnel. The courses include;


1.         Safe working methods – training of flammable refrigerant handling.

2.         Replacement of components procedure

3.         Discussion of safety specs e.g. EN 378 / IEC 60335.

4.         Hydrocarbon theory course

5.         Practical & theoretical Examination

6.         Certification of competency


These courses are free of charge.  Are available to all technicians regardless of the brands and products they service and repair. We are able, upon arrangement to implement training courses in other areas and countries should the need demand. Many of the brands requiring the Green Freeze technological knowledge are imported and the importers do not have the local technical skills to support and maintain the products.


Again, this is part of our commitment to improving the environmental challenges facing our planet.

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